Tips On how to overcome your fear and start a conversation

8 Tips On how to overcome your fear and start a conversation with a stranger


As humans, it is our natural tendency to want to communicate with others. Starting a conversation can be intimidating for some people. We can be intimidated by the fear of being rejected or perceived as strange or intrusive. Talking to strangers is a great way to make new friends, gain opportunities and expand your perspective. This blog will give you some tips to help overcome your fears and have a meaningful conversation with someone new.

How to start a discussion and overcome fear


When approaching strangers, confidence is essential. It’s ok to calm down and take a breath before you approach if you are nervous. Make eye contact and smile when you are approaching a stranger. Smiles can put people at ease, and they will be more open to speaking to you.

Begin with a compliment

A compliment is a great way to begin a conversation. Compliments are a good way to start a conversation because they show that you care about them. They can also make them feel better. It’s best to keep it short and simple. You can, for example, say “I like your outfit. Where did you buy it?”

You can ask open-ended questions

Questions that are open-ended cannot simply be answered by yes or no. The person is forced to give a detailed answer and think about it, leading to an engaging conversation. You can also show that you care about the other person by asking open-ended question. Ask questions such as “What are your hobbies?” You can ask questions like “What brings you to this place today?”

Being a good listener

Give someone your complete attention when they are talking. Listening to the person you are talking with is essential for communication. It shows respect and consideration of their thoughts and feelings. Allow them to finish what they are saying before you respond.

Be yourself

Do not try to pretend to be something you aren’t. When people are fake they can feel uncomfortable. Let your personality and authenticity shine. Don’t hesitate to embrace your uniqueness and quirks.

Find Common Ground

Find something in common with the person you are talking to. Find something you share with the person that you are talking to. This could be a common interest or an experience. If you are waiting at a cafe, for example, you could start a discussion about what type of coffee the person ordered, or even the weather.

Respect others

Be respectful to the other person’s time and personal space. Avoid making the person feel uncomfortable by not invading their space. Avoid sensitive subjects like politics or religion.

Do not be afraid to walk away

It’s fine to leave a conversation if you don’t feel comfortable. It’s not your responsibility to give anyone time or attention. You should also prioritize your safety and comfort.

Final Words on how to overcome your fear and start a conversation with a stranger

It can be nerve-racking to start a conversation, but the rewards can be great. Follow these tips to build confidence and begin a conversation easily with strangers. Be confident. Start with a complement. Ask open-ended question. Be yourself. Find common ground. You never know what might happen if you strike up a dialogue with the stranger that you have been eyeing.

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