Amnesty International Urges Transparent Investigation and Dignified Rest for #EndSARS Victims in Lagos


Amnesty International’s Call for Transparency

Amnesty International, a prominent human rights organization, has called on the Lagos State Government to halt the planned mass burial of 103 #EndSARS victims. This request comes after the state government’s acknowledgment of a leaked memo addressed to the state Ministry of Health by the procurement agency.

Demand for Independent Investigation and Autopsy

Isa Sanusi, Amnesty’s Director of Information, emphasized the need for an independent investigation into the matter. Additionally, he demanded autopsies to be conducted on the victims’ corpses to shed light on the circumstances of their deaths. The identities of those to be buried also need to be revealed to ensure transparency.

Release of Detained #EndSARS Protesters

Alongside the call for transparency and investigation, Amnesty International has urged the immediate release of all individuals detained due to their involvement in the #EndSARS protests. The organization stresses the importance of providing access to justice and effective remedies, including appropriate compensation, to victims and their families.

I must express concern over the critical issues raised by Amnesty International in relation to the #EndSARS victims’ handling by the Lagos State Government. The call for transparency in the investigation and the demand for proper autopsies on the victims’ bodies are essential steps in seeking justice and accountability for the tragic events that occurred during the protests.

It is crucial that the identities of those to be buried are disclosed, ensuring that no information is concealed from the public eye. Such transparency is vital to rebuilding trust between the government and the people, especially after the controversial Lekki Tollgate incident.

The immediate release of individuals detained for participating in peaceful protests is also of great significance. Amnesty International rightly emphasizes that access to justice and adequate compensation for victims and their families is a fundamental right that should be upheld.

The Nigerian authorities must take Amnesty International’s concerns seriously and act promptly to address them. Conducting a thorough and independent investigation, along with transparent autopsy procedures, will be essential in the pursuit of justice and accountability. This is not only about the past but also about establishing a foundation for a more just and accountable future.

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