Armed Bandits Ambush Police Checkpoint in Zamfara

Armed Bandits Ambush Police Checkpoint in Zamfara, Killing Four Personnel


A tragic incident occurred in Zamfara State as armed bandits ambushed a police checkpoint along the Gusau-Bungudu road, resulting in the loss of four police personnel. The spokesperson for the command, ASP Yazid Abubakar, confirmed the attack, revealing that the officers were on patrol and had set up the checkpoint before the bandits engaged them in an unexpected assault.

Channels Television initially reported the incident, stating that the armed bandits launched an attack on the officers who had mounted a checkpoint along the Bungudu-Gusau Road. The assailants opened fire, leading to the unfortunate loss of four police personnel.

Abubakar, the police spokesperson, visited the scene in the morning to assess the situation and officially confirm the casualties. He expressed his sorrow, emphasizing that the officers had been ambushed by the bandits while performing their duties.

Residents in the area also witnessed the horrifying incident. Usman Bungudu, a resident of Bungudu town, recounted that the bandits attacked the policemen around midnight, resulting in the tragic deaths of four officers. The bandits swiftly retreated after carrying out the assault.

Additionally, the bandits targeted Tagero village, located within the Furfuri district, where they rustled numerous cattle. During their criminal activities, one individual was shot in the hand, causing further distress among the community.

The attack on the police checkpoint and the subsequent loss of lives highlight the ongoing security challenges faced in Zamfara State. The incident underscores the urgent need for increased efforts to counter the activities of armed bandits and enhance the safety of both law enforcement officers and local communities.

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