Bandits Target Plateau State School, Killing Teachers

Bandits Target Plateau State School, Killing Teachers


In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a wave of violence has struck a secondary school in the Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, casting a dark shadow over the community and leaving the nation in mourning. Bandits, believed to be Fulani herders, launched a brazen attack on BECO Comprehensive Secondary School, claiming the lives of two educators and shattering the lives of their loved ones.

The victims of this senseless act were identified as a recently married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rwang Danladi, both dedicated teachers at the school nestled within the Kwi community of the council area. The attack took place during a fateful Monday afternoon when the school was conducting a meeting to compile students’ results in preparation for the forthcoming “Speech and Prize Giving Day,” a significant event on the school’s calendar.

According to eyewitnesses who shared their harrowing accounts, chaos ensued as armed bandits descended upon the school compound accompanied by their cattle. The staff had reportedly approached the armed intruders, urging them to remove their livestock from the school environment. In a tragic turn, the bandits responded with violence, opening fire on the teachers during the meeting. The result was the loss of the newlyweds and injuries sustained by other teachers, including the Vice Principal of the school.

Moses Gwott, a respected youth leader in the community, confirmed the grim details of the incident to The PUNCH in Jos. He recounted, “It was on Monday around 3:00 pm that the bandits came into the school compound with their cattle, and interrupted the staff meeting. The staff had asked the bandits who were obviously Fulani to get their cows out of the school environment. But instead of complying, they brought out their arms and opened gunfire at the teachers, killing two teachers.”

The Berom Youths Moulders Association’s National Publicity Secretary, Rwang Tengwong, echoed the community’s anguish in a statement. Tengwong implored authorities to implement an open grazing ban to mitigate further occurrences of such tragedies. The association expressed deep sadness over the attack, stressing the urgent need for the Plateau State government to take proactive measures to protect its citizens.

As this unsettling incident highlights the perilous state of security in the region, community members’ pleas for action resonate urgently. The attack further underscores the need for swift intervention, from both security forces and the government, to address the escalating challenges posed by armed groups operating with impunity. The call for an open grazing ban and stricter law enforcement measures is resonating across the community, as residents yearn for safety, peace, and an end to the cycle of violence that has marred their lives.

Efforts to obtain an official statement from the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Alfred Alabo, proved futile as his phone line remained unreachable at the time of contacting him for comment.

Key Highlights:

Deadly Attack on School

Bandits launch a fatal assault on BECO Comprehensive Secondary School, resulting in the death of two teachers who were a newly married couple.

School Meeting Turned Tragic

The incident unfolds during a school meeting aimed at preparing for an upcoming “Speech and Prize Giving Day,” leaving other teachers wounded, including the Vice Principal.

Community’s Plea for Action

Eyewitnesses and community leaders call for an open grazing ban and swift security measures to curb ongoing threats posed by armed groups and to prevent further tragedies.

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