Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara Esq

 Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara Esq Emerges Victorious in Nigerian Bar Association Essay Contest


Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara Esq has attained an exceptional achievement by winning the prestigious essay competition organized for Junior Lawyers by the Executive of the Nigerian Bar Association (Cradle Bar). This recognition is a testament to his legal knowledge, writing prowess, and commitment to the legal profession.

Rapid Career Development

Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara was called to the Nigerian Bar in December 2022. He has already made significant strides in his legal career, including his appointment as the Deputy Head of Chambers at Maxwell Opara & Associates. Winning the essay competition is a remarkable accomplishment highlighting his exceptional abilities and dedication to the legal profession.

Mentorship and Support

Bar. Maxwell Opara, Principal at Maxwell Opara & Associates, expressed immense joy and conveyed confidence in Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara’s abilities. This support and mentorship from senior colleagues is invaluable for young lawyers and demonstrates the importance of collaboration in the legal profession.

National Recognition

As the victor of the essay competition, Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara will represent the Junior Lawyers of the Cradle Bar at the African Bar Conference in Pretoria, South Africa. This opportunity will allow him to network with legal professionals from across Africa, gain insights into the latest developments in the legal field, and engage in meaningful discussions. His participation at the conference is expected to bring honor to Nigeria and contribute to his professional growth and development.

 Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara Esq’s victory in the essay competition organized for Junior Lawyers by the Nigerian Bar Association (Cradle Bar) is a significant achievement that highlights his legal knowledge, skills, and dedication to the legal profession. His rapid career development and the mentorship and support he has received from his Principal demonstrate the importance of collaboration and mentorship in the legal profession. We congratulate Bar. Anselm Oguguo Opara, on this well-deserved recognition, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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