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Bobrisky Convicted Of Naira Abuse

The Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has issued a clarification regarding the conditions under which Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, is being held.

Bobrisky is a famous cross-dresser who has been sentenced to six months in prison for misusing naira bills. This was handed down on April 12th, 2024 by Justice Abimbola Awogboro, Federal High Court of Lagos.

Online rumors suggested that Bobrisky lived in a VIP flat within the Kirikiri Correctional Facility.

The NCoS has firmly denied these allegations. Rotimi Oladokun (spokesperson for the Lagos State Command) clarified in a statement issued on Saturday that Bobrisky does not receive any special treatment, and shares a prison cell with other inmates convicted of crimes, contrary to reports in social media.

Oladokun stressed that the facility did not have cells with en-suite bathrooms or “one-bedroom flat” style.

He explained further that the infrastructure of the cell blocks is designed to accommodate many inmates, and not to provide exclusive amenities for an individual.

The statement read: “The Nigerian Correctional Service Lagos State Command is aware of some misleading and mischievous online publications.

“Without prejudice NCoS’s right to seek legal remedies for the publication of libelous material, the following clarifications are provided on the issues.

“The inmate Okuneye Olanrewaju, aka Bobrisky, is currently serving a six-month prison term for abuse and mutilation the Naira notes within the Custodial Centre of the State.

The Convict has the right to receive reformative and rehabilitation platforms, either education and/or vocational instruction as is provided to all prisoners in custody.

The cell that Idris is in has other convicts. The Custodial Centre does not have en-suite cells or “one-bedroom flat” style cells as the infrastructure is built to house multiple inmates .”

Oladokun also stated that the convict had been remanded to a male Custodial Centre, and he observed all rules and regulations in place in the centre, particularly in relation to the dress code.

Bobrisky, he said, wears clothing that is designed for men and worn by convicted prisoners.

The statement continued, “Idris will be treated the same as any other prisoner without any special privileges or amenities.” All inmates have the right to visit their family and legal counsel. NCoS monitors and regulates these visits. The Controller of Corrections at the Lagos Command has urged the public to ignore the malicious publication .”

According to a source who spoke with Punch, Bobrisky received the same treatment as other prisoners in the facility.

Source who spoke under the condition of anonymity as he wasn’t authorised to comment on the subject, stated that the crossdresser had been examined at the time of admission.

The official said that the results of the examination showed that the convict did not have any realignment in gender or genital parts.

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