Butcher Sentenced to Prison

Butcher Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Colleague in Jos


A 24-year-old butcher named Mathew Danjuma has been sentenced to one year of imprisonment by an Area Court in Jos. The sentencing comes after Danjuma confessed to stabbing his colleague during an altercation. However, the judge, Mr. Shawomi Bokkos, provided an alternative of a N50,000 fine for the convicted butcher.

Compensation and deterrent factor

In addition to the prison sentence or fine, Judge Bokkos ordered Mathew Danjuma to pay N35,000 as compensation to the victim, Umar Muhammed. The judge emphasized that the judgement serves as a deterrent to discourage others from engaging in similar acts of violence.

Prosecution presents case against Danjuma

The prosecution counsel, Ibrahim Gokwat, informed the court that the incident was reported on May 21 at the Jos C’ Division by Umar Muhammed, the complainant. Gokwat stated that Danjuma became enraged during a heated argument and proceeded to stab Muhammed with a knife. The offense committed by Danjuma is in violation of Section 241 of the Penal Code Law of Plateau State.

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