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Egyptian Startup, CardoO, Secures $600,00 Round, Launches IoT-enabled Smartwatch


The Internet of Things (IoT) device expert Egyptian firm, CardoO, releases its first IoT-Enabled Smartwatch. 

This action was taken soon after CardoO was successful in closing a $660,000 seed capital round, which was led by the Alexandria Angel Network and included Sofico Investments and angel investors from Saudi Arabia.

CardoO makes its foray into the IoT-enabled gadget market with this cutting-edge smartwatch with the aim of streamlining and improving the lifestyle of its customers through cutting-edge features and connection.

“We are thrilled to introduce the CardoO Watch, our first IoT-enabled product that combines style, functionality, and connectivity,” said Ahmed Adel, Founder and CEO of CardoO. 

“Sleek design meets functionality in CardoO Watch, making it the perfect companion for a fashionable and active lifestyle. 

“With its advanced features and seamless integration with the CardoO mobile app, the CardoO Watch represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative and accessible smart devices to our valued customers, we are proud to have developed this Egyptian technology product with a team of Egyptian developers in the company.”

The CardoO Watch is a fashionable and useful wearable that combines both.

For those looking for a balance between style and technology, it is the ideal companion thanks to its elegant design and high build quality.

The CardoO Watch, which is brimming with strong features, offers a variety of functionalities to meet the various demands of current consumers.


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