Controversy Arises as Osun Governor Appoints Nephew

Controversy Arises as Osun Governor Appoints Nephew to Key Government Position


The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has raised objections to Governor Ademola Adeleke’s recent appointment of his nephew, Tunji Adeleke (Jnr), as the Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission. The appointment has drawn criticism from the opposition party, citing it as a glaring case of nepotism.

In a statement released in Osogbo on Friday and signed by the state APC Chairman, Tajudeen Lawal, the party expressed its disapproval of placing Adeleke (Jnr), a 2021 graduate of Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, in charge of a sensitive government organ. The party deemed this appointment unwarranted and questioned the suitability of an individual with no prior work experience and known for his unconventional appearance, sporting dreadlocks, to lead the affairs of the local government service commission in Osun State.

Adding to the criticism, a civil society group called the Centre for Public Accountability also voiced concerns over the appointment of Adeleke’s family members to public offices in the state. The group highlighted that there are numerous qualified individuals within Osun State who could have been considered for these positions.

The Programme Officer of the Centre for Public Accountability, Ayo Ologun, stated, “In a state like Osun where there is a plethora of capable hands and individuals who have excelled in their various fields of endeavors, the governor chose to appoint himself as the Commissioner for Works, his late brother’s wife, Mrs. Folashade Adeleke, as Commissioner for Federal Matters, his nephew, who managed to graduate in 2021 from the family’s university (Adeleke University, Ede) after 10 years in school spanning various institutions, as Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission, one of the most significant commissions for recruitment and social welfare in the state.”

In response to the criticism, the governor’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, dismissed the APC’s objections as illogical. Rasheed attributed the party’s constant attacks on Governor Ademola Adeleke’s appointees to a factionalized and weakened APC, striving to regain relevance and acceptance among the people of Osun State. He defended the qualifications of the appointed commissioners and chairmen of boards, asserting their capabilities to deliver on good governance in the state.

The appointment of Tunji Adeleke (Jnr) and the subsequent reactions have sparked a heated debate in Osun State, raising questions about nepotism and the selection process for key government positions. As the controversy unfolds, the public’s scrutiny remains focused on the actions and decisions of the state’s leadership.

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