Copy your way up, Kayefi Poem

Copy Your Way Up


Copy your way up

Copy your way up, the ladder of success
Learn from the best, and strive for progress
Observe and absorb, the lessons they teach
And practice them well, until they’re within your reach

Find a mentor, who’s been where you are
And let them guide you, to help you go far
Watch and learn, from their every move
And take note of their methods, and how they improve

Copy their habits, and the routines they keep
Their discipline and focus, that runs deep
Study their mindset, and their attitude too
And let them inspire, the best version of you

Copy your way up, and build your own path
Learn from the past, and all that it hath
Use what you’ve learned, to shape your own style
And let it reflect, your own unique profile

But don’t forget, to stay true to you
And let your own voice, shine through
Copy your way up, but don’t lose sight
Of your own dreams, and your own light

So go ahead, and copy your way up
Embrace the journey, and never give up
Learn from those, who’ve walked before
And let their wisdom, help you soar.

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