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Despite possibility of U.S. ban, TikTok marketers continue to use app


Despite predictions of a future ban in the US owing to national security concerns, advertisers are determined to continuing to spend on TikTok, according to advertising specialists.

Ryan Detert, chief executive of Influential, an influencer marketing company, confirmed this in a statement on Friday. 

The resoluteness comes as ByteDance, a Chinese tech company that owns TikTok, fights to avoid a ban in the United States following the introduction of a measure by legislators that would give President Joe Biden’s administration the right to outlaw applications that pose security threats. 

In numerous nations, the short-form video app has already been outlawed on government-issued phones.

On Tuesday, TikTok said its head of U.S. trust and safety would depart the company next week, leaving the app without a key executive who oversaw content moderation and the development of safety tools for the division that housed U.S. user data.

Ryan Detert, said that of the firm’s clients “none are saying ‘don’t spend money on TikTok.”


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