Edo State Government and Gates Foundation

Edo State Government and Gates Foundation Empower 500 Youths with Digital Skills Training


Youth Skills Development

The Edo State Government, in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has conducted a one-day training program to enhance the skills of 500 youths in the state. Known as ‘Digi Link,’ the program was held at the University of Benin and aimed to improve the digital capabilities of the state government while preparing the participants for the future workplace.

Objectives of the Program

The training program, organized in partnership with ACIOE Associates and Public Digital, focused on fostering entrepreneurial skills, inspiring enthusiasm about future career paths, and creating a digitally empowered citizenry. The initiative aimed to bridge the academia-industry gap, establish a talent pipeline for the public sector and digital ecosystem, and align with the visions of Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

Impact and Digital Transformation

Ms. Osayueamem Aladeselu, the Focal Person of the Edo State Social Investment Programme, emphasized the program’s positive outcomes, including enhanced employability, academic performance, earning potential, and productivity among the participants. The training also facilitated discussions on leveraging innovation and technology to address societal challenges and encouraged engagement with digital initiatives such as the Edo Innovation Hub. The Program Director, Mr. Ekenem Isichei, highlighted that the training series would extend to other universities in Edo State, preparing students for a digital future and nurturing talent for the state’s digital landscape.

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