Ekiti State Government Warns of Imprisonment for Participants in Planned Kiss-a-Thon

Ekiti State Government Warns of Imprisonment for Participants in Planned Kiss-a-Tho


Ekiti State Government takes a stand against kiss-a-thon

The Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Dayo Apata, issued a prohibition notice on behalf of the Ekiti State Government, stating that individuals involved in the planned kiss-a-thon event risk imprisonment for three years. Perpetrators and propagators of the event, as well as owners of facilities used for hosting it, face legal consequences and closure of their establishments.

Sugartee group plans a three-day kissing marathon

A group called Sugartee circulated leaflets announcing a three-day kissing event in Ekiti State, aimed at breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest kissing marathon. The event, scheduled to take place between July 7 and July 10, has raised concerns regarding its appropriateness and compliance with the law.

Proposed event deemed indecent and against the law

The Ekiti State Government views the kiss-a-thon as an indecent act that could tarnish the state’s image. Citing sections 148 and 150 of the Criminal Law (2021), the government states that the event violates laws prohibiting indecent acts and practices in the state. Any person or corporate body involved in organizing or facilitating the event will face legal prosecution and appropriate action.

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