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Elon Musk Tells Ford CEO, Jim Farley Tesla Might ‘open source more code’ to Other Automakers


Billionaire Tesla founder, Elon Musk, has hinted that Tesla would make some of its automobile operating system code available to other automakers.

The Tech Billionaire disclosed this during a Twitter Spaces conversation with Ford CEO, Jim Farley seen by the Kayefi team on Friday. 

During a Twitter Spaces used to announce a milestone deal between Tesla and Ford, Musk made the remark.

Ford EV customers will get access to the Tesla Supercharging network in the United States and Canada under the terms of the agreement announced on Thursday.

What’s more, Ford promised to start using Tesla’s charging port in 2025 in its second generation of EVs, which would include a truck and three-row SUV.

“In the same way that maybe Android is helpful to the phone industry as sort of a general standard, like we could potentially open source more code,” said Musk

Musk and Farley also made reference to more prospective collaborations, including ones in the supply chain.

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