Escalating Violence ,Plateau State

Escalating Violence in Plateau State: Lawmaker Urges President to Act


Alarming Death Toll: Over 200 Killed in Two Months House of Representatives member, Solomon Marren, representing Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency in Plateau State, has revealed that a staggering number of approximately 200 people have lost their lives within his constituency in just a few months. The recent attack, where over 100 individuals, including women and children, were mercilessly slaughtered, has further escalated concerns about the deteriorating security situation in the area.


Plea to President Buhari for Urgent Action In a statement issued on Wednesday night, Marren called upon President Muhammadu Buhari to take decisive action to address the prevailing security crisis. Expressing disappointment with the government’s efforts thus far, the lawmaker urged the President to deploy security agencies to secure lives and property in the affected region. Marren emphasized that the primary responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens, and immediate intervention is necessary to curb the ongoing killings.


Appeal for Humanitarian Assistance Recognizing the urgent need for support, Marren also called upon the National Emergency Management Authority and other benevolent organizations to provide relief materials and assistance to the survivors of the attack. With numerous wounded individuals in dire need of aid, the lawmaker emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to alleviate the suffering of affected communities.


While condemning the brutal attack in its entirety, Marren urged calm among the populace, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule of law and allowing the security agencies to carry out their duties effectively.


In the face of escalating violence and mounting casualties, the urgent plea from Solomon Marren serves as a poignant reminder of the pressing need for immediate action to protect the lives and restore peace in Plateau State. The eyes of the nation now turn to President Buhari, awaiting his response to this distressing situation that has claimed the lives of hundreds within the constituency.

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