Event management and ticketing website, Eventbrite integrates GPT


Event management and ticketing website, Eventbrite, has announced integrating GPT capabilites into its platform to aid the event planning process.

Co-Founder and CEO Julia Hartz confirmed this in a statement on Tuesday. 

According to the statement, the feature that will roll out this month is a new GPT-powered tools that will help event creators with arguably some of the most tedious, time-consuming steps in event planning—event pages, email campaigns and social media ads. 

“Eventbrite’s creators and consumers remain the north star of our business. 

“As we continue to innovate, integrating AI into our platform will help accelerate the business growth of our global community of event entrepreneurs by helping them save time and reach more attendees faster,” Hartz said.

Eventbrite anticipates that the GPT integrations will save event creators time by giving them a place to start when revising and editing generated material rather than forcing them to start from scratch. 

Additionally, the corporation introduced these features to boost audience engagement, expand its audience reach, and boost ticket sales. Independent hosts who might not be able to afford outside assistance from assistants or copywriters will probably find the tools useful.

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