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Fake Police Inspector Apprehended by Lagos State Police Command


In a significant breakthrough, the Lagos State Police Command has successfully arrested an individual who had been falsely presenting himself as a Police Inspector under the command. SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) for the command, officially confirmed the arrest to the press on Tuesday.

According to Hundeyin, the suspect had been engaging in commercial transportation using his unregistered motorcycle around the Ikorodu area in Lagos. However, his illegal activities were brought to a halt when a vigilant patrol team, suspecting foul play, stopped and interrogated him about his identity on Sunday at approximately 10:22 pm.

“The suspect had impersonated and claimed to be an Inspector of Police. However, it was discovered that he had no official affiliation with any police formation, and the identity card found in his possession was proven to be fraudulent,” stated Hundeyin.

Following his apprehension, the suspect is currently in police custody, and his motorcycle has been impounded pending further investigation. The Lagos State Police Command is working in collaboration with the Taskforce to ensure that the appropriate legal actions are taken against the impersonator. Hundeyin confirmed that the suspect will be charged to court for impersonation in the near future, allowing justice to be served.

The Lagos State Police Command’s swift action in capturing the fake Police Inspector serves as a reminder of their commitment to upholding law and order within the region. By removing imposters who seek to exploit the trust placed in the police force, they send a strong message that such criminal activities will not be tolerated in Lagos.

Key Highlights:

  1. Lagos State Police Command apprehends an individual parading as a Police Inspector.
  2. The suspect used an unregistered motorcycle for commercial transportation in the Ikorodu area.
  3. Police Public Relations Officer confirms the arrest and announces plans to charge the suspect with impersonation.
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