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Festus Keyamo Clarifies President Tinubu’s Stance on Fuel Subsidy Removal


Festus Keyamo, the Chief Spokesman for the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign, has shed light on President Bola Tinubu’s position regarding fuel subsidy removal. Addressing a misrepresentation by certain media outlets, Keyamo refuted claims that Tinubu’s government had abolished subsidy, emphasizing that the president had clearly stated its elimination during his inaugural speech on May 29.

Festus Keyamo, a former Minister of State for Labour, explained that Tinubu’s administration inherited a regime where the 2023 Appropriation Act, effective from June 2023, lacked provisions for subsidy. Furthermore, he highlighted that the Petroleum Industry Act, which is now in effect, also does not include any subsidy provisions.

Through a series of tweets on his official handle, @fkeyamo, Keyamo discredited the notion propagated by some press outlets that Tinubu’s government had removed subsidy. He clarified that President Tinubu had merely acknowledged the absence of subsidy in the 2023 Appropriation Act and the Petroleum Industry Act in his inaugural speech.

In challenging advocates of subsidy, Festus Keyamo raised questions regarding the justification for reintroducing something that the law had already taken away. He urged proponents of subsidy to convince the Nigerian people why President Tinubu should engage in present illegality by reinstating a practice that consumed a substantial amount of the nation’s scarce resources, totaling $10 billion in 2022 alone.

Keyamo further called on individuals claiming to defend the rights and welfare of workers to convince the Nigerian populace that injecting $10 billion into the economy annually would not sufficiently stimulate job creation and potentially lead to an increase in the minimum wage they often express concerns about.

This clarification from Festus Keyamo aims to provide accurate information and dispel misconceptions surrounding President Tinubu’s stance on fuel subsidy removal, enabling the public to better understand the government’s position and policy approach.

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