Governor Adeleke Emphasizes Age Shouldn't Limit Educational Pursuits

Governor Adeleke Emphasizes Age Shouldn’t Limit Educational Pursuits


During the combined convocation ceremonies of Adeleke University in Osun State, Governor Ademola Adeleke highlighted the importance of not allowing age to be a barrier when pursuing educational dreams. Speaking at the event where 75 postgraduate and 537 undergraduate students were awarded degrees, Adeleke shared that one of the conditions presented to him before his 2022 gubernatorial ambition was to complete his education.

Governor Adeleke recounted his experience after losing the 2018 governorship election, revealing that he faced severe personal attacks and assaults. To escape the hostility, he had to leave the country and continue his studies. His elder brother, Dr. Deji Adeleke, played a pivotal role in encouraging him to prioritize his education. Dr. Adeleke insisted that completing his degree program was a prerequisite for pursuing his gubernatorial ambition.

Acknowledging his brother’s guidance, Governor Adeleke stated, “At my age then, I successfully re-enrolled and completed my degree program. I am proud of that achievement, and I thank my family and friends for their total support. Our age must never be a barrier to educational pursuit. What we need is commitment and passion to succeed.”

Dr. Deji Adeleke, the founder of Adeleke University, also addressed the audience, emphasizing that Nigerians have the power to bring about positive change in the country. He called upon citizens who desire a better nation to actively contribute to nation-building rather than solely attributing blame to those in positions of authority.

The convocation ceremonies served as a reminder that education knows no age limit and that individuals should be encouraged to pursue learning and personal growth regardless of their age.

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