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Governor of Bayelsa State Accuses Outgoing President of Neglecting the State’s Development


In a virtual inauguration and handover ceremony of the Federal Secretariat Complex in Yenagoa, Governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa State made a striking statement, accusing the outgoing President, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), of neglecting the state’s development over his eight years in office. Governor Diri pointed out that no new projects were initiated by President Buhari in Bayelsa during his tenure, shedding light on the need for increased attention to the state’s infrastructure.

The governor emphasized the comparatively high cost of executing infrastructure projects in Bayelsa, urging the Federal Government to consider this aspect. He highlighted that the cost of constructing a kilometer of standard road in Bayelsa could cover the construction of four or more kilometers of the same grade of road in other parts of the country. This insight into the challenges faced in Bayelsa aims to raise awareness and prompt the Federal Government to take a more cautious approach to project cost evaluation and execution in the state.

While expressing appreciation for the completion of key infrastructural projects inherited from the administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan across the country, Governor Diri urged those who may not be aware of the state’s specific circumstances to refrain from hasty judgments regarding Bayelsa’s level of development. He reiterated that the Federal Government had witnessed the unique difficulties faced in Bayelsa, such as the need for extensive land clearing before construction, which significantly contributes to the increased project costs. By providing these insights, Governor Diri aims to shift the narrative and foster a better understanding of the challenges faced in Bayelsa.

Governor Diri’s remarks come at a significant moment as President Buhari, virtually joining the ceremony, lauded the completion of the secretariat projects in Yenagoa, Awka, and Gusau. The President emphasized that these projects would save the Federal Government from the expenses associated with renting office accommodation for its workers in the three states.

The Dr Goodluck Jonathan Federal Secretariat Project in Yenagoa, handled by MS Trenur Nigeria Limited, boasts an impressive total of 342 offices. It includes essential facilities such as a post office, a banking hall, and a standard conference hall named after Ambassador Godknows Igali, a retired federal permanent secretary and distinguished individual from Bayelsa State.

Governor Douye Diri’s comments shed light on the need for balanced attention and equitable distribution of resources to promote the development of all states in Nigeria. The completion of the Federal Secretariat Complex in Yenagoa marks a significant milestone, but the call for fair project evaluation and cost considerations in Bayelsa State remains an important aspect to address for the benefit of its residents and the overall development of the region.

Key Highlights:

  1. Governor Douye Diri reveals that no new projects were initiated by President Buhari in Bayelsa State during his tenure.
  2. The cost of executing infrastructure projects in Bayelsa is considerably higher compared to other parts of the country.
  3. The completion of the Federal Secretariat Complex in Yenagoa is acknowledged, but caution is urged regarding project cost evaluation and execution.
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