House of Representatives Establishes Committee to Investigate

House of Representatives Establishes Committee to Investigate Federal Appointments under Buhari Administration


In a bid to promote transparency and equitable distribution of positions in the federal government, the House of Representatives has resolved to create an ad hoc committee. The committee’s purpose is to request the Federal Character Commission (FCC) to provide detailed information on appointments made by federal ministries, departments, and agencies from 2015 to 2023, during the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

The resolution was reached during Tuesday’s plenary session following the adoption of a motion titled “Need to compel the Federal Character Commission to diligently discharge its constitutional and statutory mandate and responsibility.” The motion was moved by Paul Nnamchi, who represents Isi-Uzo/Enugu East Federal Constituency.

Nnamchi highlighted that the FCC Act was established in 1995 and enshrined in the 1999 Constitution with the primary responsibility of promoting, monitoring, and enforcing compliance with the principles of equitable distribution of bureaucratic, economic, media, and political positions across all levels of government. He emphasized that no previous constitution in Nigeria’s history had established such a regulatory body with the power to facilitate national integration and ensure the fair sharing of national wealth and public positions.

The lawmaker expressed concern that even after 28 years since its enactment and 24 years since its constitutional entrenchment, there is a perception that certain sections of the country dominate bureaucratic, economic, media, and political positions, disadvantaging others. Nnamchi criticized the FCC for neglecting its constitutional and statutory responsibilities and descending into personality clashes among its commissioners.

He reaffirmed that it is within the legislative competence of the National Assembly, particularly the relevant committee when constituted, to compel the FCC to fulfill its duties in accordance with the law.

The House of Representatives has given the ad hoc committee a deadline of four weeks to submit its report, after which further legislative action will be taken. The committee’s investigation aims to ensure accountability and adherence to the principles of democracy, social justice, and national integration, while eliminating discrimination based on origin, sex, religion, status, ethnicity, or linguistic association.

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