House of Representatives Member Survives Accident

House of Representatives Member Survives Accident, Hospitalized with Injuries


In a fortunate twist of fate, Marcus Onobun, a distinguished member of the House of Representatives, narrowly escaped a fatal accident while en route to Abuja. The incident occurred along the Ekpoma-Abuja Highway and resulted in the lawmaker sustaining multiple fractures. Tony Aziegbemi, the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), confirmed the news to our correspondent, assuring that Onobun was receiving treatment at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

Marcus Onobun, who also served as the immediate past Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, had been representing the Esan West, Esan Central, and Igueben Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. Despite the severity of the accident, Aziegbemi conveyed that Onobun’s condition was stable and not critical. He further revealed that he had visited the lawmaker at the hospital on Thursday, where they had a conversation about the incident.

Details of the accident were apparent from the wreckage of Onobun’s vehicle, a dark-brown Mitsubishi SUV. The disarray was evident in the detached airbag system, shattered windshield, and disfigured roof, indicating the force of the impact.

As the news of the accident spread, well-wishes and prayers poured in from fellow lawmakers, constituents, and political associates, all hoping for a speedy recovery. Marcus Onobun’s commitment to the development of his constituents and the nation at large has earned him respect and admiration, making his recovery a matter of collective concern.

At this time, the focus remains on ensuring the House of Representatives member receives the best medical care and support during his recuperation. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the risks public servants often face while discharging their duties and responsibilities.

The entire nation awaits Marcus Onobun’s recovery, hopeful that he will soon be back on his feet, continuing his significant contributions to the well-being and progress of his people and the country as a whole.

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