How to Turn Off Comments on Your Facebook Posts

How to Turn Off Comments on Your Facebook Posts


Facebook provides an amazing way for friends and family to stay in touch, share photos and videos, post life updates, and keep informed.  This article will take you step by step on How to Turn Off Comments on Your Facebook Posts .However, sometimes comments need to be disabled on posts for various reasons, including spam prevention or simply not wanting any on a particular post. We’ll walk through how to turn off comments in step-by-step!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn Off Comments On Facebook Posts

  • Step one in disabling comments on a Facebook post involves selecting which position or post you would like to turn off comments for; this could include posts you have made as well as those yet-to-come.
  • If you want to disable comments for an existing post, go back into your profile and locate it; or start creating new posts to see which will not have comments enabled by default.
  • Click the three dot icon located in the upper-right corner of this Post to continue.
  • Once you are at the post you wish to disable comments for, click on the three dot icon located in its top-right corner for accessing a drop-down menu with various options available to you.
  • Select “Turn Off Commenting” from the Drop-Down Menu to disable commenting.
  • Select “Turn Off Commenting” from the drop-down menu to disable comments on a post so no one is allowed to post new ones. This way, no one will be able to write new responses!
  • Be mindful that once commenting is disabled for a post, there’s no going back! Be certain you want this step before taking this action.

Steps for Hide or Delete Existing Comments on a Post

If you want to conceal or delete comments on a post, follow these additional steps: Its
To hide or delete existing comments on any given post, access its respective page first before beginning this procedure.
Next, click on the three dot icon located at the top-right corner of any comment you would like to hide or delete, bringing up a drop-down menu with several options for removal or hiding.
Select “Hide” or “Delete” From the Drop-Down Menu
From the drop-down menu, either choose to “Hide” in order to temporarily hide a comment from view or choose to permanently delete one; either action cannot be reversed and removed words cannot be recovered if deleted accidentally.

Turning off comments on your Facebook posts may provide multiple advantages, including

Prevent Spam and Negative Comments by Disarming Spammers and Negative Commenters

One reason people disable comments on their Facebook posts is to avoid spammy or inappropriate remarks from appearing under them. Doing this allows you to steer clear of unwanted words which could potentially be offensive or spammy.

Controlling the Discussion

One advantage of disabling comments on your Facebook posts is being in control of the conversation. If there’s something specific you wish to convey or express without interruption by other comments from Facebook users.

Protecting Your Privacy

Finally, turning off comments can help safeguard your privacy on Facebook posts. If you don’t want people to have the ability to comment on them and expose your thoughts or opinions publicly, simply disable comments so you can keep things private and save your thoughts for yourself alone.

Final Words on How Can You Disable Comments on Facebook Posts

Turning off comments on your Facebook posts is an easy and quick process that only takes a few steps to complete. By disabling them, you can prevent spammy or negative posts, manage conversations more effectively, and protect your privacy. Whether it is already posted or soon-to-be published content requiring review, follow these same steps if turning them off; once off for that post there will no longer be commenting available again! Note that once commenting has been disabled it cannot be turned back on again later!

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