How To Upload Your Podcast To Spotify

How to Upload Your Podcast to Spotify with Ease – 2023


Podcasters recognize the value in expanding their reach as much as possible; one platform you should not neglect is Spotify. I will lead you step by step through uploading and optimizing your podcast for maximum impact, from creating an account through to submission. Throughout, you will discover techniques on reaching a wide variety of listeners with Spotify.


Spotify is one of the top music streaming platforms with over 320 million active users worldwide, making them a top platform for music lovers worldwide. Recently they’ve expanded their services to offer podcasts as well as music; uploading your podcast onto Spotify could increase reach while connecting you with new listeners!

Why submit your podcast to Spotify?

Spotify attracts an expansive group of listeners, from casual podcast listeners to those more avid about podcasts. By uploading your podcast onto Spotify, it may reach new listeners and grow listenership. In addition, this platform also provides tools to measure performance metrics related to listener demographics and engagement rates.

How to Launch a Podcast on Spotify

Before uploading your podcast to Spotify, it is necessary to open an account specifically created for podcasters on Spotify. Once created, this account grants access to the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard where you can manage and track analytics regarding your podcast. To create one simply visit Spotify For Podcasters website and follow prompts in creating one!

Launching a Spotify Account for Podcasters

Once your account has been set up, the next step should be claiming and verifying your email address in order to claim your podcast. When doing so, basic details about it such as RSS feed and artwork need to be provided so it can be added to Spotify’s catalog.

How to create and publish podcasts on Spotify

To create and produce podcast episodes on Spotify, it will require creating them first and producing each individual episode – from recording audio files through editing them and adding sound effects or music if applicable – all using various tools like podcast hosting services and audio editing software.

Uploading Your Podcast to Spotify

To upload your podcast onto Spotify, navigate to the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard and choose the “Add New Episode” button. From there you will need to provide information such as title, description and audio file of each episode – along with tags or select your language of preference if applicable.

How to Add Podcasts to Spotify Playlists (U)

Once your podcast is live on Spotify, you can add it to playlists in order to increase its visibility and expand its audience. To do this, navigate directly to a playlist and press “Add Episode.” After selecting it you will have access to selecting and placing episodes within it as required.

Optimizing Your Podcast on Spotify: Here Are Tips

To maximize your podcast on Spotify, it is crucial that it is discoverable and engaging for its viewers. To do this effectively, add detailed descriptions, select appropriate tags, create captivating artwork and promote on various social networks in order to increase its visibility.

Submitting Your Podcast to Spotify

If your podcast is currently not listed on Spotify, submitting it can be done easily by going to their Podcasters Website and selecting “Submit Your Podcast.” In doing this you will need to provide details like RSS feed and artwork of your show in order for consideration to take place.

Common Issues and How to Solve them (PDF)

While uploading your podcast may appear straightforward, complications may still arise when uploading to Spotify. Common issues include improper audio formats or episode titles being inconsistently listed; issues related to podcast artwork; or issues regarding episode artwork itself. For help troubleshooting these issues please use either the Spotify for Podcasters Help Center or reach out directly to Spotify support.

Final words on How to Upload Your Podcast to Spotify with Ease

Publishing your podcast to Spotify can open doors to a larger audience and expand listenership. By following these steps, you’ll create an account specifically dedicated to podcasting on Spotify, make a podcast in it and optimize for optimal visibility – don’t forget promoting on social media and other platforms too – it should all lead to great things in terms of podcasting! Happy podcasting!

Now that you understand how to upload a podcast to Spotify, it’s time to get it underway! Visit the Spotify for Podcasters website today and create your account; and remember to let us know as soon as it goes live on Spotify!



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