I Will Pass This

I Will Pass This


I will pass this

I will pass this, I have no doubt
Though life may toss me about
Challenges come, and challenges go
But I will overcome, this I know

When darkness falls, and shadows loom
I will not be consumed by gloom
For I have the strength to persevere
And the will to conquer fear

I will pass this, whatever it may be
I will rise up, just wait and see
No obstacle can hold me down
I will wear victory like a crown

With each step forward, I gain ground
And every victory, my confidence is found
For I am a warrior, fierce and strong
And I will triumph, no matter how long

So let the winds of change blow strong
And let the storm rage all night long
I will weather it, and come out fine
For I am resilient, and that is mine

I will pass this, I have no doubt
And when I do, I’ll shout it out
For I am a fighter, through and through
And I will emerge victorious, anew.

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