ICAN President Urges Nigerian Accountants to Embrace Digital Accountancy for Global Relevance


To stay competitive in the global market, the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Dr. Innocent Okwuosa, has emphasized the need for Nigerian accountants to develop their careers and embrace digital accountancy. The statement was made during an interactive session with journalists in Lagos.

Digital Accountancy for Nigerian Accountants

Dr. Okwuosa stressed that Nigerian chartered accountants must operate in a digital world and use technology to enhance their practice. The profession has gone beyond profit maximization, and accountants must meet the high expectations of the business community and the world.

Reforms in ICAN

The ICAN president highlighted the need for reforms in the professional body, ranging from membership engagement to exposing chartered accountants to digital accountancy. These reforms will help Nigerian accountants stay relevant in the global space.

Technological Involvement in Accounting

As the accounting landscape continues to evolve, accountants must embrace technology to enhance their practice and stay competitive in the global market. Although there has been talk about accountants getting technologically involved in what they do, there are no concrete actions as regards how this will be done.

Nigerian accountants must embrace digital accountancy to stay relevant globally. The planned reforms by the ICAN president will help accountants stay competitive and meet the high expectations of the business community. By developing their careers and embracing technology, Nigerian accountants can improve their practice and remain globally competitive.

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