Indomie Heroes Awards 2023: Calling All Young Heroes


Dufil Prima Foods Limited, the makers of Indomie instant noodles, have announced the call for entries for the 15th edition of their flagship CSR initiative, Indomie Heroes Awards. Here are three key highlights from the news:

 Recognizing Young Heroes

The Indomie Heroes Awards initiative, which kicked off in 2008, seeks to identify and recognize exceptional heroic acts exhibited by children aged 15 and below. The 2023 edition of the Awards will showcase inspiring stories from different states across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Honoring Different Forms of Bravery

The awards will honor winners in three categories: physical bravery, social bravery, and intellectual bravery. The deserving recipients will be awarded scholarships worth millions of Naira, allowing young heroes to pursue their dreams.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for submission of entries is August 15, 2023. This gives aspiring heroes across Nigeria ample time to share their stories of bravery and courage.

Temitope Ashiwaju, the Group Public Relations and Events Manager of Dufil Prima Foods, stated that the initiative aimed to bring unsung young heroes to the limelight. She also emphasized that “true heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things,” the initiative provides a platform to recognize and celebrate these selfless acts.

The Indomie Heroes Awards 2023 provides an excellent opportunity to recognize and celebrate the bravery and courage of young heroes across Nigeria. The initiative is a testament to the commitment of Dufil Prima Foods to give back to society and inspire future generations. If you know a young hero, encourage them to submit their entry before the August 15 deadline.

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