Italy Ai Threat

Italy allocates $33 million funds to protect workers from AI replacement threat


The Italian government has announced allocating a $30 million fund to shield the employed and unemployed citizens against automation and artificial intelligence (AI).
The development was confirmed by According to the Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale (FRD) on Monday.

10 million euros of the total will be used to improve the abilities of people whose employment are very susceptible to automation and technological advancement.

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According to FRD, automation could threaten a variety of occupations in the transport and logistics, office support and administration, production, services, and retail industries.

The remaining 20 million euros will be used to assist those who are jobless or economically inactive in developing digital skills that will increase their prospects of finding employment, according to FRD.

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According to several experts, new laws are required to control AI because of the possible effects it may have on jobs, national security, and education.

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