Lagos Doctor's Tragic Death Linked to Uncertified Elevator

Lagos Doctor’s Tragic Death Linked to Uncertified Elevator Installation, Demands for Justice Emerge


Investigation Uncovers Fatal Mistake

Dr. Sa’eid Ahmad, the Chairman of the Medical Guild, revealed that an investigative panel looking into the death of Dr. Diaso Vwaere has found a disturbing cause. The malfunctioned elevator that claimed Vwaere’s life was installed by a contractor who lacked proper certification for elevator system installation.

Inauguration Failure

During a recent news conference updating the public on the circumstances surrounding Vwaere’s death, Dr. Ahmad disclosed that the elevator failed to function during its inauguration in June 2021. The contractor reportedly attributed the failure to inadequate power supply from the generator used for the event.

Calls for Accountability and Improved Infrastructure

Dr. Ahmad expressed that those responsible for the substandard elevator installation, including the contractor and installers, should be held accountable and face legal consequences. He also highlighted ongoing infrastructural challenges with the house officers’ quarters of the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos, since its rehabilitation in 2015-2016. The Medical Guild appeals to the state government for the installation of a new elevator by a certified expert and the implementation of regular maintenance protocols.

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