Lagos Man's Bizarre Apology and Claims of Death

Lagos Man’s Bizarre Apology and Claims of Death Threats Raise Questions


Sulaimon Olamide, a man in Lagos State, made headlines recently after a bizarre apology to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on the Ikeja Bridge. Olamide had previously insulted actress Iyabo Ojo, and in his apology video, he begged for forgiveness, claiming that the APC, which he had supported, had deserted him. He also claimed to be very ill and said that he was receiving death threats as a result of the video.

On Wednesday evening, Olamide lay in the middle of the road on top of Ikeja Bridge to plead with the APC, Labour Party, and the governor. He claimed that “blogs twisted what he said” and further complicated the situation by including Sanwo-Olu’s picture in their posts.

The former National Youth Leader candidate went on to claim that because the governor bought him a car, he would never disrespect or insult him. However, his claims and actions have raised serious questions about his motives and mental state.

Many people have expressed concern for Olamide’s well-being and safety, with some suggesting that he may be experiencing a mental health crisis. Others have criticized him for his earlier comments and suggested that his apology may be insincere or motivated by a desire for attention.

The situation has also highlighted the power of social media and the potential dangers of viral content. Olamide’s video apology quickly spread across various social media platforms, with many people expressing outrage and condemnation over his previous actions.

Overall, this situation underscores the complex and often unpredictable nature of Nigerian politics and society. It also raises important questions about mental health and the need for support and resources for those struggling with mental health issues.

It remains to be seen how this situation will be resolved and what the long-term implications may be for Olamide and the parties and individuals involved. However, one thing is clear: the events of the past few days have sparked a heated debate and put a spotlight on some of the most pressing issues facing Nigerian society today.

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