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Leadership by Example: Peter Obi Calls for Sacrifice in Governance


Leading by Example

Mr. Peter Obi stressed the importance of leaders in Nigeria setting an example through their behavior, character, and public conduct. Referring to a viral video of President Bola Tinubu’s extensive convoy in Lagos, Obi emphasized the need for leaders to practice what they preach and make visible sacrifices. He highlighted that leaders must be at the forefront of the suffering experienced by the people, recognizing that the present Nigeria requires a leadership that is aligned with the expectations of society.

Sacrifice and Cost of Governance

Obi reiterated his stance on governance, emphasizing the need to cut down on the cost of governance. He called for leaders to lead by example, making measurable sacrifices to address the suffering of the people. By reducing unnecessary expenditures and demonstrating fiscal responsibility, leaders can contribute to building a better Nigeria and improving the lives of its citizens.

Tribute to the Late Archbishop Anikwenwa

During the event, Mr. Peter Obi paid tribute to the late Archbishop Anikwenwa, describing him as not only a pastor of God but also a great Nigerian who made significant contributions to the country. Obi acknowledged the late Archbishop’s advocacy for a better Nigeria, good governance, and his overall dedication to building a prosperous nation. The large number of attendees at the burial ceremony reflected the high regard and admiration for the late Archbishop’s work.


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