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SA’s consumer rewards app, Maholla, partners Nigerian ISP, ikeja to increase youth internet access


In order to guarantee that young people in townships have equitable access to cost-effective and high-quality internet services, Maholla, a consumer rewards app in South Africa, has partnered with Ikeja, an internet service provider (ISP).

Maholla is an app that pays users for scanning receipts from any retailer.

It received $1.5 million in investment earlier this year.

Maholla will include Ikeja coupons as a component of its rewards system in an effort to address the digital divide that exists in South African townships.

The partners want to encourage widespread use of the Maholla app among South African teenagers by making the Ikeja voucher the most alluring reward option accessible on the platform.

Ikeja, a pioneer in creating specialised wireless infrastructure, is based in Cape Town’s Philippi suburb and is committed to improving internet connectivity in underserved areas around South Africa.

Young customers of Ikeja’s hotspot service, who receive daily access to 15 minutes of free, limitless internet, have already begun to favour it.

Ikeja’s Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Symonds, reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to giving adolescents in townships access to cheap internet service.

For young people living in places with few digital resources, he said, “We intend to enhance access to employment opportunities, educational resources, and skill-development programmes together with Maholla.

“Scanning your receipts is an easy and efficient way to start using your ikeja internet voucher right away.”

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