Ministry of Defence Launches Defence Outbreak Response

Ministry of Defence Launches Defence Outbreak Response Unit to Enhance Healthcare for Troops and Families


Defence Outbreak Response Unit Established

The Ministry of Defence has taken a significant step towards improving healthcare delivery by creating the Defence Outbreak Response Unit. This emergency unit will serve as the Nigerian Military Task Force, collaborating with the African Partners Outbreak Alliance to combat epidemics within the African continent.

Enhanced Healthcare for Troops and Families

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Ibrahim Kana, announced the Federal Government’s commitment to providing improved healthcare for military personnel and their families. The Nigerian Ministry of Defence Health Implementation Programme and US Army Medical Research Directorate-Africa/Nigeria are working together to devise strategies for HIV prevention, care, and treatment, along with support services for military personnel and civilians residing within and around military barracks.

Successful Collaboration with the United States

The partnership between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United States Government has yielded remarkable progress in curbing HIV/AIDS among troops and civilians living in proximity to military barracks. The initiative, which began 18 years ago with four military health facilities, has now expanded to 34 program sites, and it encompasses handling emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. This partnership stands as a commendable model for other collaborations aiming to achieve higher and timely impacts on public health.

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