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Nasarawa State Governor Commends President Buhari and Celebrates Dangote Refinery Inauguration


Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, expressed his felicitations to Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Industries Limited, on the official inauguration of the integrated refinery in Lagos State. Governor Sule also emphasized that the energy crisis faced by the nation would soon become a thing of the past with the refinery’s production hitting the petroleum market in the coming months.

During the official commissioning and handover ceremony of the 2.2-kilometer Loko-Oweto bridge, constructed under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Sule commended the President for his dedicated service to the country. He acknowledged President Buhari’s efforts, as his tenure as president draws to a close, and stated that he had fulfilled his responsibilities to the nation.

Governor Sule expressed his delight at witnessing another dream turn into reality, drawing a parallel between the end of the energy crisis through the Dangote Refinery commissioning and the fulfillment brought about by the Loko-Oweto bridge. He emphasized the significance of the bridge for the people of Loko and Oweto in Nasarawa and Benue states, respectively, as well as for the southeastern part of the country. The governor conveyed his gratitude to President Buhari, recognizing his immense contributions and expressing well wishes for the future.

As the representative of President Buhari at the bridge commissioning, Governor Sule took the opportunity to inaugurate the 58km, 33KVA electrification project in Loko, the headquarters of Loko Development Area. He revealed that his administration had awarded the construction of a two-kilometer low-tension line to connect Loko town to the main road. Additionally, four 500KVA transformers had been installed, with plans for neighboring towns to receive 200KVA line installations in the near future. These efforts aim to enhance electricity access and improve the lives of the community members.

Aliyu Ahmad Tijani, the former secretary to the Nasarawa State government, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Loko community in a vote of thanks. He described the event as a fulfilling and joyous occasion, highlighting the collective appreciation for the successful completion of the bridge and the positive impact it will have on the lives of the people in Loko and beyond the River Benue.

The commissioning of the Loko-Oweto bridge and the electrification project underscore the importance of infrastructure development in Nasarawa State. With the bridge’s completion, the region can benefit from enhanced connectivity and improved transportation networks. The electrification efforts contribute to the well-being and socio-economic development of the community, providing access to reliable electricity and fostering growth opportunities.

Overall, the inauguration of the Loko-Oweto bridge and the Dangote Refinery signifies significant milestones in the pursuit of progress and development in Nigeria. Governor Sule’s commendations and celebrations reflect the collective aspirations of the people for a brighter future driven by improved infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.


Key Highlights:

  1. Governor Sule extends congratulations to Aliko Dangote on the inauguration of the integrated refinery in Lagos.
  2. The governor anticipates the end of the energy crisis with the entry of refinery products into the petroleum market.
  3. Governor Sule commissions the Loko-Oweto bridge and highlights infrastructure development and electrification projects.
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