New Innov Invest Fund established by Tamwilcom set to assist Moroccan businesses


In order to demonstrate its continuous dedication to helping businesses and strengthening the innovation ecosystem, Tamwilcom has announced the opening of the new edition of the Innov Invest Fund (F2I) in Morocco.

With the objective of funding 800 businesses in total over a five-year period, this programme attempts to provide financial support to creative initiatives and entrepreneurs.

As part of this effort, Tamwilcom has started a campaign to name the organisations in charge of putting in place a fresh set of funding options aimed towards creative business owners.

The organisation has launched a Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) from June 28 to July 17 in order to choose up to twenty support structures working in various stages, such as “ideation,” “incubation,” and “pre-acceleration.”

These support systems must demonstrate a distinct value proposition that targets one or more of these market sectors.

The ultimate goal, according to Ripples Nigeria, was to increase the success rate of the startups that were given support and turn them into businesses that produced wealth and job possibilities.

This strategy can be a reflection of Tamwilcom’s dedication to helping companies grow and gain independence through fundraising by offering a continuity of support.

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