UN to Tackle Flooding Challenges

Niger Delta Development Commission Collaborates with UN to Tackle Flooding Challenges


Port Harcourt, May 10, 2023 – The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has unveiled its strategic collaboration with the United Nations Satellite Centre, aiming to find sustainable solutions to the persistent flooding challenges in the Niger Delta region. This announcement was made by Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, the Managing Director of NDDC, during a virtual presentation led by the technical team of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

In a statement released by Dr. Ibitoye Abosede, the Director of Corporate Affairs at NDDC, the agency expressed its commitment to seeking long-term resolutions to environmental issues, particularly the recurring problem of flooding in the Niger Delta. Dr. Ogbuku emphasized that temporary solutions were no longer viable, as they burdened the resources of the Federal Government and its affiliated agencies. He further stated that the NDDC aims to address the root causes of flooding in the region, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Dr. Ogbuku acknowledged that tackling the flood challenges in the Niger Delta required collaborative efforts beyond the capabilities of the NDDC alone. He called for extensive cooperation between the interventionist agency and various levels of government to achieve sustainable results.

Responding to the proposal from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to train and certify young people in the Niger Delta region in the field of seafaring, Dr. Ogbuku expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. He stressed that the NDDC’s focus extends beyond physical infrastructure development, placing equal importance on human capital growth.

During the virtual presentation, Dr. Larry Boms, the former Country Representative of UNITAR, highlighted the involvement of 19 United Nations development agencies in Nigeria, collaborating with different government departments and agencies. He further revealed that German ship owners had offered to provide one-year training for Niger Delta youths, enabling them to obtain seafaring certifications.

Speaking from Geneva, Switzerland, via video conferencing, Mr. Olivies van Damme, the Technical Team Leader of UNOSAT (United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Programme), shared the center’s mission to promote evidence-based decision-making for peace, security, and resilience using geospatial information technologies. He emphasized their commitment to environmental conservation, including flood management, and the development of tailored solutions for countries. Real-time flood monitoring systems and capacity building initiatives were among the services provided by UNOSAT.

Mr. Charles Ogunmola, the NDDC Executive Director of Projects, expressed the agency’s continuous efforts to expand its developmental footprint in the Niger Delta region. He emphasized the importance of leveraging data to anticipate and mitigate disasters and welcomed the collaboration with UNOSAT as an opportunity to train and engage the region’s youth.

With this partnership between the NDDC and the United Nations Satellite Centre, the stage is set for a concerted effort to combat flooding in the Niger Delta region. By prioritizing long-term solutions and investing in human capital, the collaboration aims to alleviate the longstanding challenges faced by the communities in the region.

 Key Highlights:

  • The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) announces partnership with the United Nations Satellite Centre to address flooding issues in the Niger Delta region.
  • NDDC emphasizes the need for long-term solutions to environmental challenges, highlighting the unsustainability of temporary measures.
  • The collaboration aims to develop human capital and promote training opportunities for the region’s youth.
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