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Nigeria Becomes First Country to Use ChatGPT


Nigeria became the first African nation to use the ChatGPT app when its developer, OpenAI, revealed that it had been added to the list of nations that may use it.

According to industry insiders, this move represents a turning point for OpenAI, Nigeria, and the revolutionary chatbot as it expands to a wide audience of consumers throughout the world.

Kayefi team learnt that OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT mobile app a week ago, available only on iOS and in the US.

Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, and the UK are among the new nations.

With plans to soon create an Android version, the ChatGPT app offers customers five essential functions.

Once a request is made, OpenAI analyzes it and immediately produces an AI-generated response. 

Users have the option to ask for a different response, carry on the chat, or provide further details.

Because the software supports code blocks, users may easily copy and paste solutions as needed.

For model training reasons, ChatGPT by default keeps the chat history so that users can access their talks on desktop as well.

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