Nigeria Labour Congress President

Nigeria Labour Congress President Predicts Industrial Challenges for Incoming Government


In an assessment of Nigerian workers’ welfare under the leadership of President Buhari, Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, shared his predictions of impending industrial challenges for the incoming government. Ajaero expressed “pity” for the incoming Tinubu administration, pointing out that numerous unresolved agreements with various groups pose a significant concern left unattended by the outgoing regime.

During his appearance on the Politics Today program on Channels TV, Ajaero emphasized that despite President Buhari’s efforts, they fell short of meeting the needs of Nigerian workers. He acknowledged the government’s attempts to maintain industrial peace and harmony but highlighted the unfinished nature of many disputes and agreements, particularly concerning lecturers, doctors, and the power sector.

Ajaero stated that the spillover effect of these unresolved issues would impact the incoming government. The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress cited ongoing disputes such as the doctor’s strike and the pending agreement with ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) awaiting the incoming government’s attention. He expressed concern over the lack of conclusive decisions and exhausted agreements, leading to potential industrial crises in the future.

When asked about potential solutions to prevent strike actions, Ajaero emphasized the importance of allowing competent technocrats to handle the sectors involved. He stressed that the implementation of agreements stood at the core of many ongoing crises. Ajaero suggested that the incoming administration should carefully study the situation and address the issues one by one with the assistance of knowledgeable experts. He emphasized that trade unions and their leaders are not unreasonable, and with a government that listens and respects agreements, resolutions can be reached. The major challenge lies in the implementation of agreements, where past agreements from years ago remain unfulfilled.

Joe Ajaero’s predictions of industrial challenges for the incoming government highlight the urgency of addressing unresolved agreements and implementing solutions. He calls for the involvement of competent technocrats and stresses the importance of honoring agreements to prevent strikes and maintain industrial peace.

Key Highlights:

  • Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, foresees industrial crises for the incoming administration due to unresolved agreements from the previous government.
  • Ajaero expresses empathy for the incoming Tinubu administration, highlighting the unaddressed industrial challenges left behind by the outgoing President Buhari’s regime.
  • Ajaero emphasizes the need for proper implementation of agreements and the involvement of competent technocrats to avert strike actions and resolve ongoing disputes.
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