Historic Nigerian Army Day

Nigerian Army Gears Up for Historic Nigerian Army Day Celebration in Ibadan


Nigerian Army’s Rich History and Transformation

Chief of Army Staff, Major General Abiodun Lagbaja, highlighted the Nigerian Army’s impressive history, dating back to 1863 when Lieutenant Glover formed a local force called the Glover Hausas. Over the years, the force evolved and underwent various transformations, becoming the Nigerian Army we know today. Major General Lagbaja emphasized the army’s role in defending Nigeria’s territorial integrity and its commitment to professionalism and growth.

Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL) in Ibadan

This year, the NADCEL, a significant event for the Nigerian Army, will be hosted in the historic city of Ibadan. The celebration serves as an opportunity for the army to assess its performance, interact with the public, and set goals for further development. NADCEL aims to showcase the army’s operational activities, advancements in technology, civil-military relations, and research and development initiatives.

Importance of NADCEL and the Theme

NADCEL, held annually on July 6, commemorates the outbreak of the Nigerian civil war and serves as a reminder to address problems peacefully. The theme for NADCEL 2023 is “Sound Administration as a Panacea for Effective Military Operations.” This highlights the significance of efficient leadership and administration in achieving successful military operations. The COAS emphasized the importance of national security, peace, and unity, reinforcing the need for a strong and well-administered military.

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