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Nollywood Is Not Safe For Young Girls, Regina Daniels Said


Nollywood is not safe for young girls, Regina Daniels said while telling a story.

A Nigerian Nollywood movie actress and film producer by name, Regina Daniels has noted on her page that Nollywood is not safe for young girls.

She further discouraged the involvement of minors in the acts of the industry.

According to her, “I met a 14-year-old girl wearing a short skirt, crop top and working under another young guy on the movie set who claims to be a make-up artist,” she said.

“Her parents are far away in Port Harcourt and she came to Lagos last year. She sleeps in different hotel rooms with whoever agrees to accommodate her every night and is not willing to go back to her parents,” Regina Daniels continued.

“This girl told me that she is here to learn but trust me, I know the industry and it is not a safe place for young girls,” she added.

She urged celebrities and film producers to say no to child labour and keep the industry secured.

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