Ownership Disputes and Illegality Unfold Amidst Tragedy

Ownership Disputes and Illegality Unfold Amidst Tragedy: Seplat Energy Clarifies Amidst Majestic Oil Rig Incident


Amidst a devastating incident involving the capsizing of the Majestic oil rig in Delta State, Seplat Energy finds itself entangled in a complex web of ownership disputes and regulatory concerns. As the aftermath of the tragedy unfolds, questions of ownership, legality, and accountability take center stage, overshadowing the tragic loss of a British national and the missing status of three crew members.

Ownership and Accountability

Seplat Energy, the operator of the Seplat/NNPC joint venture, has found itself facing allegations of ownership of the Majestic oil rig. However, in a swift response, the company clarified that the rig was owned by Depthwize Nigeria Limited, a contractor engaged by Seplat. The incident’s complexities have deepened, with Seplat’s clarification highlighting the critical role of clear ownership lines, particularly in high-risk sectors such as the oil industry.

A Tragedy Unveils Illegality

The Majestic oil rig’s tragic capsizing has cast a spotlight on its operational history. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) revealed that the rig had been operating on Nigerian waters since 2016 without obtaining the necessary approvals from the agency. This revelation underscores the regulatory lapses and raises questions about how such illegal operations could persist for years.

Search and Rescue Amidst Confusion

The aftermath of the incident has left families, authorities, and the public grappling with uncertainty. Three crew members remain missing, and the search and rescue efforts continue. Amidst the confusion, Seplat Energy and Depthwize Nigeria Limited are collaborating to locate the missing individuals. Tragically, a British national has been confirmed as the single recorded fatality, adding a somber dimension to the unfolding tragedy.

As investigations continue, Seplat Energy’s commitment to regulatory compliance and emergency response takes center stage. The company remains engaged in the search for the missing crew members, aligning efforts with Depthwize Nigeria Limited to ensure their safety. The incident has thrust the importance of clear ownership accountability, regulatory oversight, and operational transparency into the spotlight, prompting a reevaluation of the practices that shape the oil and gas industry.

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