Oyo State Police Command Invites Prankster "Trinity Guy" for Questioning

Oyo State Police Command Invites Prankster “Trinity Guy” for Questioning Over Controversial Video


Invitation Extended to Prankster

The Oyo State Police Command has extended an invitation to Abdullahi Adisa, popularly known as Trinity Guy, to question him regarding a viral video in which he sexualized a female minor. Following calls from Civil Society Organisations and social media users for Adisa’s arrest and prosecution, the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Adewale Osifeso, confirmed that the command has taken action to address the matter.

Strong Stance Against Offensive Content

The Police Command expressed its disapproval of video clips that offend the sensibilities of others through violence, sexual abuse, and extreme behavior disguised as entertainment. The statement emphasized the need to respect boundaries and cautioned against producing content that could harm or offend individuals, particularly minors.

Response to Public Outcry

In response to the public outcry and demands for action, SP Adewale Osifeso revealed that civil liberty organizations and social media users had expressed concern over the lack of action against Adisa. The decision to invite him for questioning was made to address these concerns and ensure that appropriate measures are taken in accordance with the law.

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