Kenneth Odumegwu, Nigerian Kenneth Odumegwu
Nigerian linebacker Kenneth Odumegwu aims to be a pioneer for American football in Nigeria

Packers’ International Player Kenneth Odumegwu Grateful for NFL Opportunity


Nigerian Kenneth Odumegwu Becomes First International Player Allocated to Green Bay Packers Through NFL International Pathway Program.

Kenneth Odumegwu, an Nigerian native, was allocated to the Green Bay Packers through the International Player Pathway (IPP) program. Established in 2017, the IPP provides an opportunity for international athletes to compete at the National Football League (NFL) through skill development and training in hope of earning a spot on a roster. Odumegwu is the first international player to be allocated to the Green Bay Packers through the IPP.

Key highlights:

  • Kenneth Odumegwu grew up playing soccer, switched to basketball, and only recently started playing football through the Educational Basketball program founded in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Odumegwu participated in the NFL Africa Touchdown Camp and was named the defensive Most Valuable Player.
  • Odumegwu was invited to attend the NFL International Combine in London and spent three months training in Florida. He will be eligible for an international player practice squad exemption at the end of training camp.

The 22-year-old Kenneth Odumegwu is grateful for the NFL’s initiative for creating an avenue for international players to learn from the sport’s brightest minds. As he begins his NFL career, Odumegwu hopes to one day be considered a pioneer for American football in Nigeria.

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