Police Raid Anambra Hotel

Police Raid Anambra Hotel, Rescue Nine Underaged Girls Used as Sex Workers


Hotel Raid and Rescue Operation:

Operatives from the Anambra State Police Command conducted a successful operation at an Awka-based hotel, resulting in the rescue of nine underaged girls who were being exploited as sex workers. The authorities swiftly intervened upon receiving credible information from the state Ministry of Women and Social Welfare.

Rehabilitation and Repatriation:

The rescued girls, aged between 15 and 23 years, will undergo rehabilitation to recover from their ordeal before being safely repatriated to their respective states of origin. The state police spokesman emphasized the commitment to provide necessary care and assistance to the victims.

Luring and Exploitation:

The girls were enticed with monetary incentives and false promises of employment by the proprietor of the brothel, who lured them from Ebonyi, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, and Rivers states. These revelations shed light on the deceptive tactics used to exploit vulnerable individuals for financial gain, while condemning such acts and calling for joint efforts to combat these criminal activities.

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