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President-elect Tinubu Congratulates King Charles III on Coronation


President-Elect Tinubu Congratulates King Charles III on Coronation, Expresses Hope for Stronger Bilateral Relationship

President-elect of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has extended his congratulations to King Charles III on his coronation held at Westminster Abbey in England yesterday. Tinubu conveyed his warmest wishes to the new British monarch, describing the splendour and rich tradition of the British monarchy on Saturday as the world watched in awe.

Tinubu also expressed his delight at King Charles’ ascension to the throne following the 70-year reign of his iconic mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last September, leaving the entire world in grief given her eventful reign. He encouraged the king to follow in his mother’s footsteps and surpass her achievements in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Notably, President-elect Tinubu highlighted King Charles’ love for the environment and his lifelong crusade for sustainability and biodiversity. He hopes the king will continue to push for these initiatives while keeping a close eye on the situation and plight of underprivileged people in Africa and around the world.

President-elect Tinubu also expressed his hope that the excellent bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Britain will continue and become stronger during King Charles’ reign, for the benefit of both countries. He looks forward to further engagements with the monarch and the opportunity for a meeting in the near future, as both had earlier indicated in discussions with mutual friends and associates.

Tinubu congratulated King Charles once again, praying that God Almighty grants him strength and wisdom to make his reign successful for not only the people of Great Britain but for the entire world.


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