President Tinubu Receives Interest from World

 President Tinubu Receives Interest from World Leaders for Partnership in Paris Summit


 Global Interest in Partnership

Three world leaders and several global financial institutions have expressed their desire to engage in discussions and forge partnerships with President Bola Tinubu in Paris, France. The interest stems from Nigeria’s improving economy, following recent policy restructuring efforts by the government.

Focus on Foreign Direct Investment

President Tinubu, who is attending the New Global Financial Pact Summit, aims to attract foreign direct investment during his scheduled meetings. Leaders from the United States, France, Switzerland, and other countries have already shown interest, particularly after the government’s policy reforms, such as the unification of the Naira exchange rate and the removal of domiciliary account restrictions.

Enhancing Nigeria’s Economic Potential

The President’s visit seeks to network with international finance corporations, institutions, and developed countries that can facilitate direct foreign investment into Nigeria. By implementing policies that promote market forces, such as unifying exchange rates and liberalizing the domiciliary account restrictions, Tinubu aims to build confidence in Nigeria’s foreign exchange system and encourage both foreign and domestic investors to contribute to the country’s economic growth.


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