Solomon Arase

Promoting Public-Private Collaboration for Enhanced Security and Economic Growth in Nigeria


Dr. Solomon Arase, Chairman of the Police Service Commission, recently highlighted the significance of collaboration between security agencies and private counterparts in driving economic growth in Nigeria. Speaking at the 2023 leadership retreat organized by the Lagos Chapter 206 of the American Society for Industrial Security, Arase emphasized the pivotal role of public-private partnerships in enhancing security and fostering economic development.

Leveraging Resources and Expertise

Dr. Arase emphasized that partnerships between the public and private sectors can yield improved security outcomes by harnessing the resources and expertise of the private sector to complement government efforts. Such collaborations can play a critical role in building investor confidence, thereby facilitating economic growth and development.

Strategic Partnerships for Effective Security Operations

Mrs. Joko Olanitori, Chairman of ASIS Chapter 206, reiterated the importance of fostering strategic and structured partnerships between Nigeria’s private security industry and government-controlled security agencies. The retreat aimed to develop innovative solutions and promote knowledge sharing and best practices among ASIS members to address the escalating insecurity in the country.

The theme, “Secured Handshake: A public and private sector imperative for effective security operations and practice in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world,” reflects the urgency to establish collaborative frameworks.

Introspection and Positive Change

Brigadier-General Idam Agachi (Rtd) emphasized the need for introspection within the private security industry and urged stakeholders to initiate collaboration with government institutions.

By engaging in structured and formalized engagement with public security agencies such as the Army, Nigerian Navy, Air Force, Police, and Department of State Service, the private security industry can contribute to addressing the growing insecurity challenges in the country. Positive change requires collective efforts and collaboration between various stakeholders.


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