Layo Bakare Okeowo

Recognizing Leadership Excellence in Manufacturing: Layo Bakare-Okeowo Receives CVL Leader Without Title Award


Leadership Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing

Layo Bakare-Okeowo, CEO and Managing Director of FAE Limited, was honored with the Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL) Leader Without Title award. With a remarkable 40 years of experience in the paper manufacturing sector, Bakare-Okeowo was recognized for her exceptional leadership in entrepreneurship and manufacturing.

Advocating for Government Support and Sustainable Policies

During the 60th edition Tribute Colloquium of CVL, Bakare-Okeowo used the platform to urge the government to provide immediate interventions and implement sustainable policies that would bolster the manufacturing sector and advance the nation’s industrialization agenda. Her call highlights the importance of government support in driving growth and competitiveness within the manufacturing industry.

Promoting Made-in-Nigeria Products

Bakare-Okeowo emphasized the significance of embracing made-in-Nigeria products, regardless of their perfection, in order to elevate Nigerian manufacturers to global recognition. She urged Nigerians to allow manufacturers to learn from their mistakes, re-strategize, and expand their operations to enhance global competitiveness. Addressing the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector and enforcing compliance with the buy made-in-Nigeria goods executive orders were also emphasized as crucial steps towards reviving dormant industries.

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