Rema's Million Naira Gift to His Mom

Rema’s Million Naira Gift to His Mom: A Story of Selflessness and Family Love


In a recent interview with Z100 New York, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, shared a heartwarming story of how he gave all his earnings from his first million naira to his mom when he was just 17 years old. This act of selflessness and family love speaks volumes about the kind of person Rema is and the values he holds dear.

As he recalled, Rema said that although he could have spent his money on luxurious things like a car, he knew that his mother needed it more. He believed that it was not cool to flaunt his wealth when his mother did not have anything to call her own. So, without any hesitation, he gave everything he earned to her.

For Rema, this act of kindness was not just about helping his mom, but it was also a way to honor her for the sacrifices she made for him and their family. He recognized that his mother had worked hard to raise him and his siblings, and he wanted to repay her for everything she had done.

Moreover, Rema’s decision to give his money to his mom also reflected his humility and groundedness. Despite his young age and newfound fame and fortune, he remained humble and focused on what truly mattered – his family.

Rema’s story is a testament to the power of family love and the importance of giving back to those who have supported us throughout our lives. His act of generosity has not only helped his mom, but it has also inspired countless others who look up to him as a role model.

As he looks back on his journey to success, Rema sees his ability to support his family and create opportunities for others as his greatest accomplishment. He believes that by helping others, he can make a positive impact on the world and leave a lasting legacy.

Rema’s story is a powerful reminder that no matter how successful we become, our family should always come first. By putting his mom’s needs ahead of his own, Rema showed us that true wealth is not measured by the amount of money we have, but by the love and support we give to those around us.

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