Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110 – RLSK Chapter 110


Hey there! Welcome to the latest installment of the thrilling Return of the Legendary Spear Knight manga series. In this chapter, titled “RLSK Chapter 110,” we dive deeper into the captivating world of adventure, power, and intrigue. Brace yourself for a captivating ride as we uncover the secrets and developments that unfold in this action-packed chapter.

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In this chapter, Princess Sersiarin finds herself visited by a mysterious man who claims to have a debt from his past life. This enigmatic encounter raises numerous questions about their connection and the significance of a medicine he gifts her. As Princess Sersiarin tries to unravel the mystery, the man disappears, leaving her perplexed and searching for answers.

Meanwhile, Emperor Marcus strategizes and discusses the Great Plains of Kraden, recognizing their importance in future conflicts. Determined to bring down Duke Aden von Agnus, he devises a plan that involves utilizing the power of three Stars. Join us as we discover the emperor’s intricate strategy and witness the unfolding of his ambitious plans.

In another corner of the story, Joshua, the legendary spear knight, engages in a conversation with his knight, Cain. As their bond deepens, Cain expresses his desire to find a wife and declares his loyalty to Joshua. The knight’s oath becomes a key topic of discussion, setting the stage for further character development and future plot twists.

Prepare yourself for a significant announcement from Joshua, who proclaims himself as the Emperor of Avalon. He warns against armed conflict in the southern region and proposes a knight’s tournament as a means to resolve current tensions. Charles, Joshua’s fiancée, accepts the challenge and adds an unexpected twist by offering full ownership of the Pontier Merchant Group to the victor. The stage is set for an intense clash that will undoubtedly shape the fate of our beloved characters.

As we wrap up this chapter, the anticipation for the knight’s tournament mounts, leaving us on the edge of our seats. The fate of each character hangs in the balance, and the story of the Return of the Legendary Spear Knight continues to captivate readers worldwide.

Join us in the next section as we delve into Princess Sersiarin’s concerns and the enigma surrounding the mysterious man and his past life debt.

Princess Sersiarin’s Concerns

Princess Sersiarin was taken aback by the sudden visit of a mysterious man claiming to have a debt from his past life that involves her. Intrigued and curious, she questioned the man about the medicine he gave her, hoping to unravel the mysteries surrounding their connection.

“Who are you? And why do you claim to owe me a debt from your past life?”

Princess Sersiarin’s heart raced as she awaited the man’s response. She desperately wanted to understand the significance of the medicine and the enigma that seemed to surround their encounter.

However, just as she was about to receive answers to her burning questions, the mysterious man vanished into thin air, leaving Princess Sersiarin with even more confusion and a sense of unease. She was left wondering about the true nature of their meeting and the implications it held for her future.

As Princess Sersiarin pored over her thoughts, the room fell silent, with only the echoes of unanswered questions lingering in the air.

Princess Sersiarin

Princess Sersiarin’s Concerns
– Puzzled by the mysterious visit of a man claiming a debt from his past life.
– Questions the man about the medicine and their connection.
– Mysterious man disappears before providing any answers.
– Leaves Princess Sersiarin puzzled and concerned about their meeting.

Emperor Marcus’ Strategy

Emperor Marcus understands the immense significance of the Great Plains of Kraden in shaping the outcome of future conflicts. This vast expanse of land holds the potential to turn the tides of war, making it a focal point for strategic planning.

To counter the formidable Duke Aden von Agnus and secure victory, Emperor Marcus devises a meticulous strategy. He aims to leverage the power of the Stars, celestial objects known for their extraordinary abilities. These Stars possess immeasurable strength and capabilities that can tip the scales in favor of those who wield them.

With an understanding that one Star might not be enough to overcome Duke Aden’s might, Emperor Marcus plans to harness the power of at least three Stars. The alignment of these cosmic forces will serve as a beacon of hope for Avalon, illuminating the path towards victory.

“In this quest, we must summon the Black Wind, a messenger of unparalleled swiftness and stealth,” proclaims Emperor Marcus. “The Black Wind shall carry our plans and deliver our intentions to ensure the downfall of Duke Aden von Agnus.”

The Emperor’s resolve to confront Duke Aden and claim supremacy over the Great Plains of Kraden sets the stage for an epic clash. The fate of Avalon hangs in the balance as the Stars align, catapulting the world into a treacherous battle of unprecedented proportions.

The Power of the Stars

The Stars hold an enigmatic power that defies conventional understanding. Each Star endows its bearer with unique abilities, amplifying their strengths and augmenting their prowess on the battlefield. The possibilities that unfold when multiple Stars converge are extraordinary.

  • The Star of Endurance: This Star grants unwavering resilience, allowing its holder to endure the harshest trials and emerge unscathed.
  • The Star of Brilliance: Bestowed upon the worthy, this Star amplifies intellect and tactical acumen, enabling strategic mastery.
  • The Star of Courage: With this Star’s power, fear is banished, and valor takes its place, emboldening warriors to face insurmountable odds without hesitation.

Emperor Marcus recognizes that harnessing the combined might of these extraordinary forces will be essential to triumph over Duke Aden von Agnus. The convergence of the Stars will ignite a battle where destinies are sealed, alliances are tested, and the very fabric of Avalon is reshaped.

Great Plains of Kraden

Charting the Great Plains of Kraden

Characteristics Importance
Lush and fertile terrain Provides abundant resources for war efforts
Geographical advantage Strategic positioning for defense and offense
Strategic chokepoints Control over these crucial points ensures dominance
Military infrastructure potential Opportunity to establish strongholds and fortifications
Key trade routes Control over commerce and economic prosperity

The Great Plains of Kraden embody a realm that holds both promise and peril. Possessing fertile lands, strategic chokepoints, and key trade routes, this vast expanse is a coveted territory that can shape the outcome of battles and wars. Its importance cannot be underestimated, and the stakes are sky-high.

Emperor Marcus understands the value of this coveted stronghold and is determined to utilize its potential to vanquish Duke Aden von Agnus. With the power of the Stars at his command, he forges ahead, guided by a resolute vision of securing victory and ensuring the prosperity of Avalon.

Joshua’s Conversation with Cain

During my recent encounter with Cain, one of my loyal knights, he expressed his frustration at being left behind while I indulge in the company of women. Understanding his longing for companionship, I promised Cain that I would find him a suitable wife, someone who would bring him happiness and a sense of purpose.

However, the conversation took a deeper turn when I suggested that Cain consider taking the Knight’s Oath. This honorable commitment would not only solidify his loyalty to me, but also grant him the opportunity to serve a greater purpose in our mission to confront Duke Agnus, a formidable adversary who threatens our kingdom.

Cain’s eyes lit up with excitement at the idea of taking the Knight’s Oath. He pledged his unwavering allegiance to me and expressed his determination to uphold the values of chivalry and honor. It was a moment of camaraderie and understanding, as we both recognized the significance of our alliance in the face of adversity.

“I will follow you to the ends of the earth, my liege,” Cain declared fervently. “Together, we shall vanquish Duke Agnus and restore peace to our land.”

Joshua's Conversation with Cain

Knight’s Oath

Oath of the Knight Responsibilities
To serve and protect the realm Defend the innocent and uphold justice
To be loyal to one’s liege Fulfill duties and honor the chain of command
To exemplify virtues of chivalry Show courage, generosity, and humility
To pursue excellence in combat Train tirelessly and hone one’s skills

By taking the Knight’s Oath, Cain and I have forged a stronger bond, and together, we are ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. With our unwavering determination and shared vision, we will confront Duke Agnus and fulfill our duty to protect our kingdom.

Joshua’s Announcement as Emperor

As the tension rises in the kingdom of Avalon, Joshua makes a momentous announcement, declaring himself the Emperor of Avalon. In a bid to prevent further armed conflict in the southern region, Joshua proposes a peaceful resolution through a knight’s tournament.

The knight’s tournament is not only a display of valor and skill but also a symbolic gesture to unite the divided factions. Joshua challenges Charles, his trusted companion and fiancée, to be his opponent in this grand spectacle.

“I believe in the power of honor and chivalry. Let us settle our differences through the noble art of knighthood,” proclaims Joshua.

Charles, understanding the gravity of the situation, accepts the challenge, demonstrating his unwavering trust and loyalty to Joshua’s cause. As a gambit, Charles offers full ownership of the prestigious Pontier Merchant Group to the victorious knight.

This announcement reverberates throughout the kingdom, captivating the hearts of every citizen. The knight’s tournament becomes a beacon of hope, a chance to resolve the conflicts that have plagued Avalon.

knight's tournament

Royal Proclamation

In a royal proclamation to the people of Avalon, Joshua emphasizes the significance of unity and the preservation of peace. He urges all factions to put aside their differences and join forces for the greater good.

“Let us forge a stronger kingdom together. United we stand, divided we fall,” declares Joshua.

The knight’s tournament, to be held in the majestic Castle Cardan, will not only determine the victor but also provide a platform for reconciliation and understanding among the competing factions.

The anticipation for the knight’s tournament is palpable, as Avalon braces itself for a showdown that will shape the destiny of the kingdom. The stage is set, the challengers are ready, and the fate of Avalon hangs in the balance.


As Chapter 110 of the “Return of the Legendary Spear Knight” comes to a close, readers are left with a sense of anticipation and excitement. The upcoming knight’s tournament promises to bring new challenges, surprises, and possibly even some life-changing moments for the characters we have come to know and love.

The fate of our heroes hangs in the balance as they prepare to face their opponents in the tournament. Will Princess Sersiarin uncover the truth behind the mysterious man and his debt from a past life? Will Emperor Marcus succeed in his strategy to bring down Duke Aden von Agnus with the help of the three Stars? And what role will Joshua’s loyal knight, Cain, play in the unfolding events?

With each passing chapter, the tension continues to build in the story of the “Return of the Legendary Spear Knight.” Readers eagerly await the next installment, eager to dive deeper into the world of Avalon and discover the outcomes of the challenges that lie ahead for our beloved characters.


Who visits Princess Sersiarin in Chapter 110?

A mysterious man visits Princess Sersiarin in Chapter 110.

What does the mysterious man mention to Princess Sersiarin?

The mysterious man mentions a debt from his past life to Princess Sersiarin.

What does the mysterious man give Princess Sersiarin?

The mysterious man gives Princess Sersiarin a medicine.

What is Emperor Marcus planning in Chapter 110?

Emperor Marcus is planning to bring down Duke Aden von Agnus with the help of three Stars in Chapter 110.

Who does Joshua have a conversation with in Chapter 110?

Joshua has a conversation with his knight, Cain, in Chapter 110.

What does Joshua promise to find for Cain?

Joshua promises to find a wife for Cain.

What does Joshua suggest Cain consider taking?

Joshua suggests Cain consider taking the Knight’s Oath.

What does Joshua announce himself as in Chapter 110?

Joshua announces himself as the Emperor of Avalon in Chapter 110.

Who does Charles agree to face in the knight’s tournament?

Charles agrees to face Joshua in the knight’s tournament.

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